Bar Chef

Bar Chef Seminar $125

($75 when packaged with our
20 hour Bartender Certification Course)

Program Description:

Metropolitan’s Bar Chef bartending program has been designed to teach you how to create cocktails using fresh, seasonal fruits and herbs, and culinary techniques.


Sunday Evening, 7pm – 10pm

This bartending program is designed to be an enjoyable and interactive evening. In a relaxed environment you will be asked to explore and experiment. As part of your journey you will create and concoct cocktails such as Ceasers, Mojitos and Margaritas with fresh herbs, exotic spices and unusual fruits and vegetables like Cucumber and Blood Oranges. 

Increasingly the industry is moving towards using the freshest ingredients possible. This new trend means that bartenders are required to use seasonal ingredients and cut colourful garnishes to create colourful and tasty cocktails. This program will introduce you to this new way of thinking. 

By the time you leave our classroom you will have spent an enjoyable evening tasting and learning how to make your own fresh and seasonal cocktails. 

One Day Bar Chef Seminar in Vancouver
May 19, 2019Email for Details
June 22, 2019Email for Details

Bartending Success Story:

I thought that I would learn how to pour drinks but I learned so much more than that. I really enjoyed being allowed to mix my own drinks with fresh ingredients. Watching everyone around me experimenting also inspired me to be bolder in my mixes. My instructor was also great, so knowledgeable and experienced. The amount of hands on time you get is fantastic and it is a really great way to learn a new skill.

Kara S. 

I found that learning about combinations of ingredients, such as thyme and cassis or gin and cucumber, was absolutely fascinating. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities. I was also inspired by how people from different cultures and backgrounds create such different mixes.

Jamie K.