Bartending Flair Seminar

1 Day Flair Bartending Seminar $125

($75 when packaged with our
20 hour Bartender Certification Course)

Program Description:

After the 1 day Metropolitan Bartending flair seminar, you will be skillfully spinning bottles, flipping tins, slinging glasses and tossing garnishes.

Flair bartending is a skill that can open doors to better jobs, better tips, and can turn a boring night at the bar into a party atmosphere.


Sunday Afternoon 12pm – 4pm

Customers gravitate to the bartender with the slick moves. Sales go up, and customers come back more often, so your manager is happy. Tips go up, and the nights are just more fun, so you are happy.

We are confident that this seminar will pay for itself in a few shifts, through an increase in your tips.

The main focus of this seminar is “working flair”. These are movements that can be done in a busy bar setting, with the tools bartenders use everyday.

Our flair seminar instructor is Micah Dew, a world ranked competition flair bartender who has been teaching flair, and competing in flair competitions worldwide for over 10 years. Micah has been featured on TV shows like Rachel Ray, Dragons den, and Urban Rush. Locally you can see Micah throwing down flair moves a few nights a week at The Roxy Cabaret on Granville Street. (click here for bio)


Flair Bartending Seminar Offered in Vancouver
May 26, 2019Email for Details