Serving It Right

Serving It Right-

It’s a mandatory training program enforced by the British Columbia Government. It is a legal requirement for everybody who serves alcohol professionally to hold the Serving It Right certification. When you are interviewed for bartending jobs you will be required to produce your Serving It Right certificate. 

The purpose of the Serving It Right program is educate the bartender of their legal responsibilities when serving alcohol to customers. For example, if you serve a customer 3 cocktails in an hour and then, as he drives home from your bar, he causes an accident can you be held legally responsible? The answer may surprise you. 

Studying the Serving It Right Program will also teach you various techniques that will help you to spot potential problems and safely negate them. These include:

  • Spotting the warning signs of intoxication
  • Legal Liability and how the laws are applied
  • How to create and enforce a Responsible Beverage Service Program

To gain your Serving It Right Certificate, you must pass an open book 30 question exam. A pass mark is 80% or answering 24 questions correctly.

You can add the Serving It Right program to your bartending program when arrive at the school. This means that we will guide you through the course, increasing the chances of you gaining the certificate. 

Establishments that employ bartenders who don’t hold the Serving It Right certificate will not only be fined but may also have their liquor licence either suspended or terminated. 

Every establishment in British Columbia will require you to hold the Serving It Right certificate before they consider employing you.