Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Seminar & Certificate $125

($75 when packaged with our 20 hour Bartender Certification Course)

Program Description:

“I’m having the chicken, would a white or red wine be best with that?”

A casual enough enquiry but one that can leave inexperienced bartenders stuck for an answer. If that sounds like you then why not join us for a 3 hour Wine Tasting Seminar. Here you can expand your knowledge and build up your wine confidence in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Friday Evening, 7pm – 10pm

Whether you are seeking to improve your resume or simply want to learn something new then our Wine Tasting Seminar is for you. Structured to be accessible to both professional bartenders and interested amateurs we aim to remove much of the mystery and intimidation that surrounds selecting the correct wine.

Wine Tasting in Vancouver
May 17, 2019

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June 14, 2019

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For anyone considering working in a bar or a restaurant, being able to recommend wines to customers confidently is no longer optional, its required. Wine questions are becoming very common in interviews for bartending positions.

In a relaxed and accessible environment, you will experience 6 distinct wines. As you discuss each wine, you will learn about the history of the grape and the region that it was grown in. This will help you to appreciate the differences in color, scent, taste and texture between the wines. You will also discover how to pair wine with food.

At the end of the evening you will leave us confident in your ability to swirl, swish and select the best wine. You will receive the Metroplitan Bartending School Wine Tasting Certificate.

This seminar is also available for private groups, call for details.

Wine Tasting Success Story:

Our wine course was easy to understand but also really interesting. I enjoyed learning how to pair wines with certain foods. The instructor was amusing and knowledgeable; they were also able to answer everyone’s questions. Our instructor made a complicated subject really easy to understand. I loved learning about the different grape varieties and wine producing countries as well as how to correctly serve wine. It has helped to expand my knowledge. Thank you. I would definitely recommend this course to all my friends

Ashan P.

The instructors at Metropolitan were awesome. Learning in a hands on manner was fantastic. The knowledge of the instructors meant that the subject really came to life. This helped me to learn far more than I thought I would. I absolutely loved my time at Metropolitan. I also love the certificate I earned. I might even frame it!

Kelly H.

The instructors were great and I learned so much during the course. My highlight was the wine tasting seminar. The course removed so much of the mystery around wine for me and has helped me to enjoy it so much more. I will definitely tell my friends about Metropolitan. Everything was awesome and informative as well! Thank you!

Adam J