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When you study at Metropolitan Bartending School you will learn from the best bartenders in the Industry:

Head Instructor – Ryan Boyd:

Ryan graduated from bartending school in 1995 before beginning his career at a Newlands golf course. While working at a revolving restaurant downtown Ryan developed an interest in flair bartending. He realised that not only was it a great way to entertain the touristy clientele but also help to increase the amount of tips that he was earning. 

After much practice Ryan was soon winning local flair bartending competitions. His growing reputation meant that he was offered the chance to work at one of the areas hottest nightclubs. It also earned him the opportunity to teach flair bartending with Extreme Bartending, the largest flair bartending company in the world. As a result Ryan was able to travel all over the world teaching thousands of people from all walks of life the art of flair bartending.  

During this time Ryan organised and won various local and international flair bartending and cocktail competitions. He also appeared on Flair Bartending and Customer Service videos, which were sold in over 80 countries. and performed and spoke at many international trade shows. This increased profile saw Ryan being given the opportunity to showcase his skills on various TV programs, and speak at international trade shows. 

After 10 years of promoting flair bartending Ryan felt that the time was right to try something different. He opted to enter the entirely different world of fine dining and craft cocktail bartending. This was a steep learning curve for Ryan who was expected to manage a massive award winning wine list as well as making first class cocktails with fresh ingredients. The knowledge that Ryan learned here now forms our 1 Day Bar Chef seminar. 

It is this experience that makes Ryan such a vital part of our team at Metropolitan Bartending School. His knowledge of wine, cocktails and flair bartending, as well as his experience of serving many different customers has informed and shaped our courses. Today all the courses that are taught at Metropolitan Bartending School are supervised and updated by Ryan. 

Ryan’s years spent training thousands of bartenders makes him the ideal teacher for Metropolitan and for you. 

Wine Instructor – Donita Dyer:

Over the course of her 20 year career in the hospitality industry Donita has worked for local wine producers, importers and retailers. She is also a certified wine expert and holds a WEST certification, the world’s most foremost wine qualification. In her spare time Donita is also a well-respected wine blogger.

Donita began her career by working for private wine stores. This not only gave her a good grounding in the wine industry but also helped to expand her knowledge. She then progressed to working for renown wine importers Renaissance Wine Merchants and Sedimentary. After a few years Donita felt that the time was right for another new challenge so she switched jobs and began working in marketing for a number of prestigious wineries including Le Vieux Pin and LaStella BC. 

In 2016 Donita was the recipient of a Les Dames d’Escoffier Society scholarship this allowed her to pursue her Champagne Master’s Certification with the French Wine Guild. Today, as well as blogging and being one of our most respected instructors, Donita works as the BC territory manager for Empson wines, a national wine importer. 

Check out Dontia’s wine blog at www.wineandfoodconcierge.com


Instructor Feedback – Vancouver:

I had a great experience at Metropolitan. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable. He was able to answer all my questions. I am determined to become as good a bartender as he is. It was worth every penny and I’m glad I chose Metropolitan. – Dave M.

The entire course was very well done. Our instructor was energetic and experienced. We had lots of hands on time, which allowed us to get really comfortable behind the bar. Not only did I have a great time learning lots of things but I left feeling ready to get my first bartending job! – Jaime Donaldson

I absolutely loved it. I first came to Metropolitan in May but circumstances meant that I had to leave before I could finish the course. When I was ready the school welcomed me back, which I am so grateful for. I not only had a blast but also made lots of friends. My instructor, Ian, was a brilliant role model as well as teacher. He can be relaxed and entertaining but also, when the situation needs it, serious. This means that we learn lots and enjoy ourselves while we do so. The facilities are also fabulous. Thank you all so much!  – Revé R.