Certified Bartender Course Success Stories

Success Stories

Collin McCafray

Vancouver Bartending Success Story

Studying at Metropolitan Bartending School was an eye opening experience. It helped me to quickly learn the skills needed to succeed in the service industry; this has led me into a very rewarding career. 

When I got my first job as a bartender, while it was new to me, I didn’t feel like a complete rookie. This is thanks to the training that I received at Metropolitan. My time at the school gave me the confidence and skills to tend bar like a pro. This is partly thanks to the instructors and course structure but it is also because I put a lot of effort in and made sure that I got the most out of my time at Metropolitan. 

There were two things in particular that really helped me in my first bartending job. The first was the basic recipes that I had learned. Over a weekend customers can order many different cocktails so having the recipes logged in my mind certainly helped me and gave me confidence. Secondly all the speed and efficiency techniques that I learned at Metropolitan were really useful when there was a long line of customers all wanting to be served. 

I am thoroughly enjoying my new job and all the experiences that it brings- Latin nights are particularly memorable. 

I would personally recommend Metropolitan, especially Ian. I found him to be a patient and thorough instructor as well as an endless resource of fantastic knowledge!

Emily Thompson 

Vancouver Successful Bartender Experience

My experience at Metropolitan was great. On the first morning of my course I was a complete novice who knew nothing about bartending but by the time I graduated I had learnt not only hundreds of new techniques but also drink recipes and gained a good understanding of spirits. I left Metropolitan feeling like I was well prepared to work as a bartender. 

There wasn’t a day of the course that I didn’t enjoy. I also learned many things that are useful in my new job. As well as drinks recipes I learned how to pour alcohol properly and how to use a cocktail shaker. While these things may sound simple, knowing how to do them properly makes the world of difference. 

Today I am working at an upscale restaurant. I wouldn’t have lasted a day here without the training I received at Metropolitan. As well as all the basic bartending skills the training that I had in the POS system and cash system, both or which are used in everyday hospitality work, are serving me well. 

I would definitely recommend Metropolitan Bartending School to any of my friends who want to try something new. 

Vancouver Bartending Experience

Travis Scheffer 

I got into bartending because I needed a flexible job to fit around my acting work. Before attending Metropolitan I had been a student at SFU. However after studying with Metropolitan I realized that bartending is nothing like as easy as it looks. As well as being able to make a range of drinks quickly you must have great customer service, efficiency, organization as well as a heap of other skills. 

Twice I have chosen to study at Metropolitan. I found it to be an amazing experience both times! My first time at Metropolitan was when I was a university student. After finishing university I chose to return for a free “refresher” course. While the material covered was similar the two experiences were completely different and both completely positive. As well as all the practical experience I found the help and advice given by Metropolitan with regards to job seeking and interview techniques to be really helpful. In particular the 1 to 1 sessions for resume writing and interview tips were a great confidence boost.    

Thanks to the skills I learned at Metropolitan when I began applying for jobs I felt like I already had an understanding of the hospitality industry. This understanding is something that employers in particular seem to value. I also think that thanks to the experience I gained at Metropolitan my resume was taken far more seriously than it otherwise might have been. 

Metropolitan Bartending School offered me the perfect combination of “experience” and “flexibility” learning. Because of the hours I spent behind the practice bar at Metropolitan when I found myself in a real life, working environment it didn’t feel completely alien. Out of all the things that I learned here, as well as all the basic bartending skills, I feel that efficiency techniques, customer service training and the POS system have all greatly benefited me. The speed exercises have proved to be extremely valuable on busy nights”

My current job at Rogers Arena is quite exciting because they really value customer service. I am finding being part of such a friendly and positive work environment to be a really positive experience. 

I would definitely recommend Metropolitan! Even if you aren’t planning on a career as a bartender the experiences and skills that you learn whilst studying here are both unique and worthwhile! 

Changed to Bartending JobTom Fong 

Despite already being employed in a department store I didn’t love my job. Looking around for something new I realised that being a bartender would suit me better. Despite many attempts to break into the hospitality industry I found myself continually being knocked back. I reluctantly realised that, if this was to be my career, then bartending school was my best option.  

Despite my initial reservations I found Metropolitan Bartending School to be an amazing experience. Now only did I learn how to tend bar in a relaxed and friendly environment but I also learned pretty much everything that a good bartender needs to know. When it came time to apply for jobs being able to show off all my knowledge and techniques, both in interviews and on my resume, was really helpful. Going into an interview knowing that you are fully prepared for the job is a great confidence boost and one that Metropolitan can deliver. 

My new job is great. I find working in a bar to be far more challenging and enjoyable than my previous job. I am also really excited about the range of possibilities that being a bartender can bring. I am currently planning on a trip which will see me travelling around various countries, tending bar as I go. I would absolutely recommend Metropolitan Bartending School. Not only do you learn how to tend a bar but you get to make great friends and learn a new skill that you love in a relaxed environment. 





After studying at Metropolitan I returned home to Europe, taking the skills and training with me. Since then all me employers have been impressed with my speed and efficiency. An added bonus is that I am now skilled in a trade that can get me employed anywhere in the world.

Tanya, Colts Bern, Switzerland

Attending Metropolitan Bartending School allowed me to become well informed in the entire bartending process including preparation, speed, delivery and recipes. This has helped me to get a good foothold in the hospitality industry very quickly.

Brad Warner, Mustangs Bar and Grill, Langley

Studying at Metropolitan was a great experience! Our instructor, Luch, was patient and experienced. He also made learning a fun experience. I learned so much from him. As well as teaching us how to make drinks Luch taught us the importance of customer service as well as giving us many other insights into the industry. Not only did I have a great time but I feel so much more confident in my skills.

Cheers Elyssa G

When you’re working as a brand ambassador, handing out free shots and cocktails to customers in public places you definitely need to know how to use a speed spout. If you’re serving a popular drink people will quickly line up and a queue can easily turn into a mob. Especially if you don’t work quickly! It also helps if you can mix delicious drinks, make the most of the product you are promoting, keep your workstation clean and organized and make friendly conversation with the customer all at the same time. This was my job. And thanks to the training I received at Metropolitan Bartending School I was able to do it with skill and confidence.

Cheers, Joe