“Serving it Right” and why you need it.

Why do you need “Serving it Right Certification?

  1. If you don’t have a Serving It Right certificate then you legally can’t serve alcohol in British Columbia.
  2. You won’t even be considered for employment in the bartending industry without the certificate.
  3. The Serving It Right course teaches you how to keep your customers and the general public safe while still enjoying good food and drink.
  4. You will also develop a responsible, caring and professional approach to the serving of alcohol. These are all excellent qualities for a bartender to have.

What is the Serving it Right Certification?

  1. Serving It Right is a responsible beverage service program. The course teaches and supports the adoption of a responsible, caring and professional approach to the service of alcohol.
  2. It is a government-sponsored course. As well as teaching the right attitude towards the service of alcohol it also informs you of all the legalities involved in responsibly selling alcohol.

Who must have Serving it Right Certification?

To work in any of the following sectors you MUST hold this certificate.

  1. Food-primary licence (restaurants)
  2. Licensee retail store licence (private liquor stores)
  3. Liquor-primary licence (bars, pubs, nightclubs, casinos, stadiums)
  4. Special Occasion License

How can Metropolitan Bartending help me with certification?

Metropolitan offers the chance to earn the Serving it Right certification either as part of out bartending programs or as an individual class.

With Metropolitans’ hands on instruction, you will be workforce ready when you graduate. If you choose not to get this certificate you can have all the bartending skills in the world but nobody will want to employ you.

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