When looking for a bartending position there are some important factors that decide whether or not you get the job.

  • Focus your job search on the places or environments that you want to work in. There is nothing worse than working day after day in a place that you hate. Remember there is a right place for everybody.


  • It may be time consuming but adapt your resume to each specific job and organization that you apply to. By doing this you can show that you have common interests with or relevant skills for each position. For example, if you apply to a sports bar then you will need to have an interest in sport.


  • When you find somewhere that you want to work DO your homework. Read reviews, research the company, study their website, go over their menu, visit as a customer and talk to people who work there. All of this means that when you get an interview and are asked why you want to work there you will be able to confidently answer.


  • Treat the interview as your chance to shine. Make sure that you look the part. Your research means that you will know how the staff there dress. Turning up to the interview dressed in a similar manner will not only help you feel comfortable in your surroundings but it will also give the impression that you fit in there.


  • Make sure that you have prepared some comments and questions. This demonstrates that you have an interest in both the job and the organization.


  • Make sure you know your sales from your previous job. This shows your ambition and capability to up sell products and promotions.


  • Smile and remember to think before you speak. Interviews can be very stressful but by planning ahead, and thinking about how you can answer various questions will show the interviewer that you can organize your thoughts under pressure. It also shows self-confidence, this will help to set you apart from your competition.

Finally remember that all Metropolitan students are entitled to a resume coaching session and can participate in the course refresher program. Your success is our success!

Good Luck!

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