Why Choose Us

Why You Will Choose Our Certified Bartender Courses

Metropolitan Bartending is the ONLY school in Vancouver that offers:


POS system training on a fully functional POS system

For a professional bartender, knowing how to open a tab and ring an order through is just as important as knowing how to mix your drinks. When you study at Metropolitan Bartending School, Langley you will learn how to open a tab, ring through a drinks order, print a bill, give the correct change and balance the till at the end of the night. 

A Station For Each Student

Unlike other schools where you have to take turns or share a station with other students at Metropolitan, Langley our small class sizes means that you will get to learn on your own station. This helps you to make the most of your time with us. 

 In-Depth Additional Seminars

As well as the bartending course we also offer additional seminars on multiple topics. These will help to turn you into the ultimate bartender

Multimedia Learning

Instead of dryly working through textbooks we try to make learning more interactive and engaging. This means using flatscreen TV’s, videos and images to demonstrate important concepts and techniques.  

Full Serving It Right Certification

We will help you work through the Serving It Right course, BC’s Mandatory Alcohol Server License. This means that when you leave us you will be fully prepared and fully licensed. 

Free Retakes For Life

Life is busy. If you start a course but find you can’t finish it, for whatever reason then you can come back to complete the course at any time. The same applies if you feel that you are getting a bit rusty and want a refresh. 5 weeks, 5 months or 5 years, it doesn’t matter. You can come back whenever you like.

Flexible Schedule

If you need to switch from day classes to night classes, or the other way around, then you can. You can switch as often as you like, making learning easy for you. 

Since 1995

Since 1995 Metropolitan Bartending has trained thousands of bartenders across multiple locations. Bar Managers and owners around the world have happily employed our graduates. As a result Metropolitan Bartending School, and our certification, is known to be a mark of quality. 

1 on 1 Resume & Job Search Coaching

Upon completing your Bartending course we offer you the opportunity to have a 1 on 1, 60 minute resume coaching and job search session with your teacher. This time can be spent enhancing your resume, focusing your job search or rehearsing interview techniques.

The Most Hands-On Class Time

Our Certified Bartender Course gives you 20 hours of class time. This is more than any other bartending course in the Fraser Valley. This focus on practical learning is intended to give you the confidence to kick off your career in the correct fashion. 

Metropolitan Langley Job Board

Upon graduating you will have exclusive access to our private job board. Updated daily it is a comprehensive list of bartending jobs intended to save you time searching through generic job search websites. 

The Best Instructors In The City

Our experienced instructors all continue to work in uptown bars and restaurants. This means that their skills and knowledge are kept sharp and relevant. 

Evolving Curriculum

At Metropolitan we are constantly updating and revising our curriculum, making sure that our courses cover all the latest trends. Our intention is to make sure that our courses remain relevant to working bartenders. The world of bartending doesn’t stand still so why should we. 

Fantastic Location

Metropolitan bartending School Langley is the only school in town that offers all these amazing benefits. With all this on offer we don’t know why you would choose to study anywhere else. If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, let us know and we will get right on it metropolitanlangley@gmail.com